Clarín DECO étnico 15, Cecilia Garavaglia, 2014

Atelier: Isabel de Laborde

Nature and geometric abstractions establish a dialog in an exquisite work

Traces from the South and a soul of wood

This Mexican artist studied in Paris and in Buenos Aires. In the latter, she did her training with Stupía, Gorriarena, Luis F. Noé, and other masters. She works on sculptures and inks at her atelier in Buenos Aires, and in San Martín de los Andes.

Useful paths

Far from drawing clear profiles, Isabel de Laborde chooses insinuation and the virtual. With eloquent lines, she speaks about a ceaseless motion. Whites and blacks, spaces and cavities nurture the aesthetic effect achieved through a truly abstract work. But the traces of the origin, of this first primary offering that both chance and nature have put before her, is closely preserved in the sketches as in the woods representing her works: primordial matter, rather that primary materials. The artist ponders: “We are a garden both clear and dark at the same time, night and day, conscious as well as subconscious. My landscapes (and languages) are Mexico, France, Buenos Aires, and Patagonia. My homes are nature, poetry, and the void. My calling is to reveal, be thankful, and live out the mysteries of our lives.”


Sketches rendered on paper, as well as pieces of wood found in river beds and lake shores of the south, act upon Isabel de Laborde as true incitements. As from these textures, she builds a body of work in which fantastic forests and cartographies are insinuated, to dream about mysterious latitudes.