Isabel de Laborde was born in Mexico, studied in Paris, and since 1980 lives and works in Buenos Aires. She has studied painting with Carlos Gorriearena, and Luis Felipe Noé. She has also been to the Engraving workshop directed by Matilde Marín and Lucrecia Orloff.

Isabel de Laborde (Mèxico, 1953) is living in Argentina since 1980, and an important part of her production, during the most recent years, is centered along the visual research of Patagonia.  Her paintings and engravings perform as means of knowledge and the appropriation of space. Thus, she kept presenting a series of abstract landscapes, in which the desolate acquires a metaphysical hue.  The artist’s gaze came from a distance, and her point of view, was generally aerial.

The paintings of Isabel de Laborde induce us to dream, to enter those landscapes full of surprises.