La Nación, 'Un momento grato de pintura', Septiembre 1994

Odile - A pleasant moment with paintings
The paintings of Isabel de Laborde induce us to dream, to enter those landscapes full of surprises.
We have to pause because, as with all true work of art, these paintings do not reveal themselves at first sight. They do produce a first impact that holds fast the viewer’s attention . But  the essentials come to the surface gradually.
Plains and mountains, roads with a beginning and an end,  we come upon them with pleasure and curiosity, led by Isabel de Laborde’s  hand , but also including our own experiences.
Everything is stillness and movement. Simultaneously.
Some oriental reminiscence through a constrained force and the cleanness of the lines.
Blacks and whites interplay, they mingle, but within a pre-established order. The contents are rich. A personality loaded with many things flows expressing them with a sure hand.
I am not an art critic. But I cannot fail to point out what I like and reaches my heart. Be it in one art form or another.
This is why I am writing about this experience that illuminated one winter morning of mine.