Magazine Alta N° xx - mes y año

Magazine Alta N° xx - mes y año

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Isabel de Laborde and Elba Bairon: these women are two sculptresses that have adopted Argentina as their place of residence and find inspiration to create beautiful 3D works of art in its culture.


Sculpture is a millenary art form that dates back to the most ancient of peoples and it still finds its place in current contemporary art at the hans of artists who recover its guiding principles, stimulated by that inevitable drive towards creation.

Down south in the Patagonia is where we find Isabel de Laborde's studio, an artist of French-Mexican ancestry who has lived in Argentina since the 1980s. "The material I use accompanies the landscape in which I live. When I got to know the Patagonian countryside, it became a part of my internal landscape", says Isabel. So it was that she started to paint the landscapes and with the passing of time, watching pieces of wood floating in rivers and lakes, this new material started to become part of her life.

Her modus operandi is a cross between the accidental, reading and free asociations that reinforce emotions and thoughts. Isabel reveals that she is noy sure whether she chooses the pieces or if the pieces choose her. What finally happens is that she gives them a new life, baptizes their shapes and transforms them by means of cuts, incisions or enamel inserts. Life itself is her muse."I am moved by taking care of ourselves, by protecting ourselves, by living in communion with nature. I am interested in being fully aware, in loving and in taking care of things".

[In Isabel de Laborde's art work, her modus operandi is a cross between the accidental, reading and free asociations that reinforce emotions and thoughts]

Turning now to Elba Bairon, the work of this Bolivian artist who has lived in Argentina for the last fifty years is characterized by its silent atmosphere, achieved by means of procedures of her own creation. Her unblemished white pieces, created by layer upon layer of paper paste, express a shape that is the result of the process. As in the case of many artists, Elba felt the drive to create from the time she was young, as a natural thing. What most attracts her about the material with which she works is the texture she achieves and the sense of the intangible that it produces. Her inspiration is the result of intuition, something that is always there, latent, in Elba's life.